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T4Tyres BV. is a completely independent trading company. We are interested in tyres of all brands and sizes. We also buy older production (DOT) stocks and demounted tyres.

With a global network of customers, we can process big volumes without causing disturbance or price erosion. We can exclude markets in our offers and handle stocks carefully in close consultation with the seller.

We buy for stock. This means that T4Tyres BV is not a brokerage company. We have our own warehouse in Nijmegen and will not offer tyres out that we have not committed to ourselves. This way we insure our suppliers that offers are handled discrete and our purchase process is short.

Looking for a partner?

If you are looking for a partner that provides you with; a very fast reply or quotation on offers, clear and close communication, a tailored logistic solution and fast payment, T4Tyres BV would love to prove to be ideal for you to work with.

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